Issues - Wade Carlisle for Arizona Senate


Funding Public Education

Funding for education in our state has been dismal at best. Our student success rate is among the lowest in the country, and the student class size is among the highest of any state in the union. In order to ensure all of our students are receiving the education they deserve, we must guarantee that public education is a good opportunity for individuals to be successful in society. This can only be attained by allocating the funds required, something we have yet to achieve.


Investing in Arizona's Infrastructure

Transportation is the most important necessity for economic growth. Our funding is not keeping up with maintaining needs throughout the state. We must reverse this trend if we want to bring jobs into the state, especially in rural areas.

Since 2008 the state legislature has reduced funding to roads and infrastructure, ultimately hurting our more rural areas. Just look at our deteriorating roads, freeways, and highways. This lack of maintenance damages our vehicles. Our roads are deteriorating. We are paying our taxes, we should be receiving that funding back in the maintenance and improvement of our roads.


Protecting our Public Lands

As a hunter, I understand the importance of Arizona’s natural beauty. This is something we must protect so that when our children take their children to the Grand Canyon, they aren’t welcomed by a nuclear power plant, or uranium mining. There are sites just like these across the state, and must stay open and accessible to the public.